Winter Walk

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Winter Walk

When we lived in Birmingham in the 1960s we had some terrible winter smogs. I can remember driving home one night and the fog was so dense my girlfriend had to walk in front of the car. When we moved out of the city to more rural parts and had to drive into work each day, the mist changed colour as you approached and gradually became more and more yellow; brown even, and you could taste the acrid air. When smokeless zones came into being the smogs gradually decreased. With the more common use of gas and electric heating, open fires have become much less common, so it was quite a surprise when we moved to rural Scotland to find that coal fires are still to be found here.

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Day 2

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I timed the journey wrong today and ended up being there an hour early (great) so took a slow stroll through Bethnal Green to work, as I realized I’d still not actually taken in the surroundings yet.

There were only 2 orders to pack up today, so I got straight on Tumblr and updated their page with outfit and lifestyle posts. I like doing this but they give me the photo’s that they want uploaded each day and I’d like the chance to actually source them myself – maybe this will come in time.

I uploaded more products to Asos Marketplace today and was introduced to their Depop page. Luckily, I use Depop myself anyway so knew how to work it.

When taking the parcels to the post office, I popped into a small book shop that stocked a huge number of fashion magazines. I really like that this is…

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