Fully Alive?



To really live. Actually live. Authentically. Fully Alive.

What does that mean?  Is that something that we can grasp in our brains?  Especially in such a culture that seems like has it all figured out?  Go to school, get a job, find a special someone, get married, have kids, and work….It’s life, sounds about right.

Recently I have been talking to so many people who are searching, and really searching for their next step in life.  Just like I did, they look at picture books of the world, or see things others are doing and only dream about them and say.. ”one day…when everything falls into place, maybe I will do what I love.”

Am I fully alive or floating, bobbing in whichever way the current takes me?

Is this the life you really dreamed of?  Did you realize that we only have one life to live and to make…

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